Apostle Jeremiah Life History

How he got Revelation to start the ministry of God

I was born in a family of three myself being the eldest son and our only sister died when she was still a baby. My parents where going to an apostolic church so I may safely say I was born in a christian family. At school I was performing very well always coming out in the top three and sometimes overall number 1 in all grades. I was very good in mathematics that I never failed it in all my studies. As a family, we had a fair share of ups and downs in our life but I believe God had a purpose and it would be realized later on.

When I was born, my mother was told that I had a special gift and was given the spiritual name Jeremiah. As I grew up I began to have interest of my own, mingling with other teenagers listening to secular music particularly Hip hop and R n B and at that time I stayed away from the things of God. I discovered myself to have a talent in music and started recording at the age of 18. I would write songs and will record them, Infact I actually recorded some albums and they where all hip hop. I saw myself becoming a famous musician and would sometimes feature in clubs singing, dancing etc. at that time I used to listen to the likes of 2pac, The notorious BIG, Puff Daddy, MASE etc, I think you can guess the kind of life I was living. I started to run some businesses for survival and things will sometimes do well and sometimes badly but that was normal. I owed people some money and instead of giving me time to pay they would report to the police and would get arrested only to come out at court. This happened a number of times and I thought to myself that there should be an unknown force behind this.

I consulted some prophets and spiritualists and told me that there is witchcraft in my family, but I did not see any touchable help from them. I decided to try prayer and fasting, I would fast four to five times a day and would also visit prayer mountains in different places. I did that for about 8 months then after that I invited people for prayers since God revealed that I should start a ministry. I remember a lady came for prayers and I had never prayed for someone and didn't know if it works. She had a problem of bleeding for ten years and was also HIV positive. I prayed with her for two weeks and the bleeding stopped and in two months she got married. Another lady came, she had fibroids and was due for an operation I prayed with her for a week she went for a scan and the doctors told her the fibroids had disappeared and no need for an operation. A lot of things happened at that time and it was a sign of what was to come.

Ten years ago a young prophet came to me and Told me that problems would come into my life, but they are only to strengthen me as he prepares me for his work. I continued praying and in the process overcome a lot of difficult situations. One night when I was sleeping, I was taken to a place in heaven. I felt happiness more than 100 times any happiness on earth, and I said to myself "Hey I am in the second world and was surprised that I have never felt this happy, then the voice of the lord Said" When you are one with Christ you are complete, when you are one with Christ you don't need anything else . I believe God is using me to spread his word all over the world as we prepare for his second coming.